• Ars Technica
    "The power of two: use your phone as a keyboard and mouse."
  • Lifehacker
    "Mobile Mouse Turns Your iOS Device into a Wireless Mouse, Keyboard, and Media Remote."
    "Version 1.5 completely blows away every competitor we've seen by adding an incredible array of new features without bumping up the price."
  • The New York Times
    "App of the Week: Turn Your Phone Into a Mouse."
  • Macyourself
    "I was simply blown away by the functionality packed into this seemingly tiny app. What exactly does it do? Surprisingly, a heck of a lot."
  • TapCritic
    "This is a ridiculously well-designed and thought-out app. "
  • App Craver
    "I haven't been as enthused about an app as I am with Mobile Mouse Pro, from R.P.A. Tech, in a long time. "
  • Macworld
    "I found the solution to my troubles in RPA Technology's $6 Mobile Mouse Pro app."
  • PC World
    "Still, Mobile Mouse is a genuinely fun and practical application for anyone who needs to break free of the desk."
  • App Storm
    "Mobile Mouse Pro has a very sleek black look with subtle black gradients and large buttons, it’s simple interface hides it’s diverse features."
  • ZD Net
    "This excellent app turns your iPhone into an accelerometer-based mouse controller."
  • Seeking Alpha
    "Bottom line for me: apps beat devices. Lesson learned."
  • Tut Zone
    "18 iPhone Apps With Really Good Interfaces."
  • Fonearea
    "iPhone Apps that you need to have before 2010."
  • TUAW
    "Our Favorite Apps: Stuff that stayed on our phones in 2009."
  • Apperizer
    "Best iPhone Apps of the Year : 2009"
  • Touch My Apps
    "Mobile Mouse Pro has become the undisputed heavyweight champ of all iDevice mouse/trackpads"
  • lifehacker
    "Look for a Good App Before Buying a New Device"
  • Star Bulletin
    "Mobile Mouse suits comfort-seeking crowd."
    "Prior to Mobile Mouse I had not purchased a single application from the iTunes store. I had always wondered what my first purchase would be, or when it would be. As soon as I saw a screen shot of Mobile Mouse there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to get it."
  • iPhone Overload
    "No way it's working this well... No way! But it IS! are the words I giggled to myself as I sat on the couch controlling the media center with my iPhone."
  • App Storm
    "Definitely one of the slickest remote control apps."
    "If you ever hook your computer up to the living room big screen to watch video or surf the Web, Mobile Mouse is worth the price. Setup is a breeze, and you get variety of control and customization options."
  • Pocket Picks
    "There aren't many applications that achieve a balance between practicality and the hallowed wow factor so often ascribed to the iPhone's various features."
    "That's when I began to notice a slew of applications arriving on the App Store promising to turn the iPhone and iPod touch into a wireless mouse of sorts. There were quite a few to chose from, but eventually I chose to take a look at RPA Technology's Mobile Mouse. I'm glad I did. "
    "This is probably the best money I've spent in the iPhone Apps store."
    "This app is definitely handy and a lot of fun to use. If you have any need for a computer remote on your iPhone, Mobile Mouse is the best choice."
  • #1
    "So many people had expressed interest in Mobile Mouse that I just had to check it out. What do I think? WOW!!! Mobile Mouse actually works. No, let me correct that. WOW!! Mobile Mouse works incredibly well..."
  • #2
    "It immediately struck me that this could be exceptionally useful in many different situations but especially if you use a slate tabletpc or UMPC, neither of which comes with a mouse or trackpad. I recommended it to a number of people who use UMPC's and they all seemed rather taken with it..."
    "So many of our readers have commented on how cool an App like this would be, and we are proud to say this is a surefire winner..."
  • 19 Best Utility Apps For Your iPhone
    "Another app that has thousands of ratings, with a solid four stars for the current version. "
  • Terry White's Tech Blog
    "It's not that often that I find an iPhone app that does EVERYTHING I'd want it to and works exactly the way I'd want it to. However, Mobile Mouse Pro is just such an app!"
    "Here's the nifty part: since there's an accelerometer in the iPhone and Touch, you can use the app like a gyroscopic pointer as well. To do that, I just held the top, center button of Mobile Mouse and tilted my iPhone left, right, up and down to move my cursor around. Slick!"
  • sumocat
    "Incredible iPhone App: Mobile Mouse"
    "Mobile Mouse is one of the iPhone applications that is genuinely useful"
  • The Mac Feed
    "Mobile Mouse Pro is without doubt the best Mac controlling app around. "
    "Well let start by saying that I Love this app. Love it like a Friend not a Soul Mate."
    "iPhone Mobile Mouse - Remotely control your Mac or PC."
  • iPhone App Reviews
    "So far I have found it useful enough that I sometimes find myself using the Mobile Mouse rather than my computer mouse even when sitting at my desk."
  • Apple Tech Blog
    "Mobile Mouse is one iPhone app that you will find increasingly more useful as you use it and one of the best Apps in 2009. "
  • iPhone Tunes
    "Based on reviews over the years, it seems this app is still the reigning champion for touchpad apps "
* Any references to "Air Mouse Pro" or "Mobile Air Mouse" were to our former app name, which is now called "Mobile Mouse".