Instantly transform your mobile device into a motion-based mouse, trackpad, and wireless remote for your computer! Sit back and surf the web, browse your photo library or control your music player from the comfort of your couch. Our app uses the built in accelerometer to translate your hand motions into mouse movements on your screen. It can also operate as a trackpad, allowing you to control your computer with a single finger. Suddenly your mobile device has become an essential part of your home theater PC and a presenter's best friend. Using an innovative application notification system, the app will always know what applications are running at any time and show the appropriate keys for that program, providing you with a single screen for controlling ALL your media and web applications.


  • Gyroscope based motion mouse
  • Trackpad with vertical and horizontal orientation
  • Media remote
  • Web remote
  • Advanced presentation remote with slide view and presentation timer
  • Application switcher/launcher
  • Application notifications
  • Unlimited custom media and web remotes with scripting capabilities
  • Remote keyboard with modifier keys
  • Function keyboard with arrow keys
  • Oversized numeric keypad
  • Programable hotkeys (can be set to run a program or keyboard combination)
  • Scroll pad
  • Multitouch gestures (supports scrolling & right click)
  • Remotely wake up and put your computer to sleep
  • Password protection
  • Custom sensitivity settings
  • Foreign language keyboards
  • Supports Bonjour or static IP
  • No screen size limitation. Works with multiple monitors
  • Works over WIFI, no line of sight limitations
  • Built from the ground up for Mac and Windows
System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.7+ (64bit/Intel Only)
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32/64 Bit)
  • Private WIFI Router, ad hoc network, or advanced communications package
  • Mobile Mouse Server software


   Just like the media and web modules, we have a presentation module. When you run a presentation program on your computer, the app will automatically switch to the presentation screen. There are two modes for this screen, a basic and a pro version.

The basic version will come up by default. The screen features over-sized next and back buttons as well as a start button. When you have a presentation open, pressing the Start button will start the slide show. When the slide show is playing you should see the slide numbers on the Start button and the slide title should appears as text on the trackpad. The next and back buttons will allow you to move through slides. To stop the slide show, simply tap the Start button again.

To access the pro version, tap the icon that looks like a page curl with a star on it. The pro version includes a view of the current slide with swipe controls, the presentation notes, a presentation timer, on-screen presentation timer, and a slide picker.


   The File Browser allows you to browse your entire file system from the app. You can launch programs as well as open movies, pictures, ect. To use it, go to the application switcher and tap the folder icon (the last icon in the list). There are buttons along the bottom that will take you to your Computer, Documents, Applications, Desktop, as well as the ability to create favorites from whatever directory you are currently in. To launch a file, just tap it. To open the folder of the folder in the list, or the folder containing a file, just hold your finger on that item until it opens. To change the sort options, scroll up to the top and you can sort by date and change to ascending or descending order.


   When this option is enabled, the clipboard on your computer will be synced with the clipboard on your device. So every time you cut or copy an item on your computer, it will automatically be in the clipboard of your device. This is great for quickly getting snippets of content from your computer onto your iPhone. Such as if you see a picture in a web browser on your computer and want to quickly text it to a friend. Just copy the image on your computer, and it will be in the clipboard on your device and ready for you to paste into the "Messages" app. Additionally we have added a clipboard notification option. When enabled it will alert you when it recognizes the type of content in your clipboard. Such as if you copy a phone number on your computer, it will ask you if you want to dial it on your iPhone. It will also recognize addresses, images and URLs.